University College Hospital

UCLH is a tertiary unit teaching hospital in zone one, Central London. It is a world renowned unit with Professor Fares Haddad who is the senior lead of the unit, It hosts orthopaedic speciality trainees from the North East UCH Rotation, Potts and NW Thames. It has an excellent reputation for publications, training, including interactive trauma meetings and no shortage of opportunities to operate under supervision in elective and trauma lists.

At senior level, there is a mix of experienced and international fellowship-trained consultants, recently appointed consultants, and post-CCT fellows in Knee and Foot & Ankle Surgery.  At registrar level, there is a mix of speciality trainees and senior clinical fellows. At junior level, there is one Core Trainee, alongside FY1s and FY2s. Elective and Trauma surgery and fracture and elective clinics run at UCLH.

The Consultants

Professor Fares Haddad – Knee Arthroplasty and Sports

Mr Sam Oussedik  – Knee Arthroplasty and Sports

Mr Rahul Patel  – Knee Arthroplasty and Sports

Mr Michael Oddy – Foot & Ankle

Mr Johan Witt– Young adult hip and Hip arthroscopy

Mr Jonathan Hutt – Young adult hip and Hip arthroscopy

Mr Abbas Rashid – Shoulder & Elbow Surgery

Mr Carlos Cobiella – Shoulder & Elbow Surgery

Mr Marcus Lee – Shoulder

Mr Sujith Konan – Hip & Knee Arthroplasty

Mr Alistair Hunter – Hands

Miss Anthea Davey – Hands

Miss Emma Taylor – Hands

Mr Mike Elvey – Hands

Mr James Youngman – Trauma, Frames, Foot and ankle

Mr Simon Lambert – Shoulder

Mr Alistair Dick (Locum) – Hip & Knee Arthroplasty

Mr Ricci Plaistow (Locum)  – Hip & Knee Arthroplasty

Mr Tim Iliopoulos (Locum) – Foot & Ankle

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