St Mary’s Hospital / Charing Cross

At Imperial, you will be based at both St. Mary’s (trauma) and Charing Cross (mostly elective) sites. All trainees will usually spend at least one year here. St. Mary’s is a Major Trauma Centre (MTC) – you experience a huge variety of orthopaedic trauma and will have the opportunity to take part in management of polytrauma patients in combination with other specialties (Plastics, Vascular, Radiology). Imperial also has a strong research infrastructure and provides ample opportunities for those who are interested.

Charing Cross Hospital is based in Hammersmith and is where all elective operating takes place. In addition there is a daily fracture clinic which you will often be rostered to cover.

The Consultants

Spine (Spine SpR usually required to do spine on calls 2-4 days a month but during working hours (8am-5pm)-

Mr M Akmal – based at CXH only, has own fellow. May be required to cover the CXH list occasionally.

Mr H Haj – Spinal Trauma and Elective Spine

Mr R Mobasheri – Spinal Trauma and Elective Spine

Mr S Russo – Neurosurgeon – may occasionally cover list

Mr C Lee – Neurosurgeon – may occasionally cover list

Upper Limb (Usually 3 SpRs and 2 Fellows)-

Mr R Anakwe – Hands

Ms Lily Li – Hands

Mr A Forrester – Shoulder/Elbow

Mr D Griffiths – Shoulder/Elbow

Mr P Reilly – Shoulder/Elbow

Mr S Sabharwal – Shoulder/Elbow

Lower Limb (Post CCT Fellows attached to different consultants (variable number)-

Professor J Cobb – Elective Hip and Knee (CXH only, usually has own research fellow covering list)

Mr A Liddle – Hip and Knee

Mr G Jones – Hip and Knee

Mr R Strachan Elective Hip and Knee

Mr Thomas – Mainly Sports Medicine and Knees

Mr D Nathwani – Hip and Knee

Mr D Spicer – Hip and Knee

Mr C Gupte – Hip and Knee

Mr S Naique – Lower Limb trauma and reconstruction, frames. Elective hip and knee

Mr I Sinha – Lower Limb trauma and reconstruction, frames.

Mr M Pearse – Lower Limb trauma and reconstruction, frames. No elective at Imperial

Mr R Bhattacharya – Lower Limb trauma. Elective Hip and Knee 

Pelvis and Acetabulum (Usually one SpR and one Fellow)-

Mr J Daurka – Pelvis/Acetabulum/Hip

Mr A Lewis – Pelvis/Acetabulum/Hip

Mr C Jordan – Pelvis/Acetabulum/Hip

Foot and Ankle-

Mr N Mushtaq – Trauma and Elective

Mr N Siva – Trauma and Elective (responsible for SpR allocations)

Mr P Rosenfeld – Elective Foot and Ankle

Paediatric Orthopaedics-

Mr K Sarraf  – also Elective Hip and Knee

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