Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

Stanmore is the main tertiary referral centre for Orthopaedics in London, and the largest specialist orthopaedic hospital in the UK. Referrals are received from across the South East region and beyond. Due to the level of sub-specialisation each department is a separate entity within the hospital, with no overlap between the surgical teams. Each department is made up of the standard Consultant body with the allocated SpRs/Middle Grades. All teams have dedicated ‘Tier 1’ cover  to ‘share’ amongst the department. These doctors are a mix of Core Trainees (CTs), Junior Clinical Fellows (JCFs) and Foundation Equivalent Programme doctors (FEPs).

 Stanmore receives no acute trauma when the normal services are running and there are no fracture clinics. Each department has their own urgent referral process for other hospitals to contact them and may be part of a wider range of national referral networks which differ by department. Some departments may have a dedicated team that handles referrals (e.g. secretaries) whilst in other cases the SpR may be responsible for accepting referrals. Some referrals come through for possible admission e.g. spinal cord injuries and some for discussion at a weekly MDT (e.g. Bone Tumour Unit). All elective work is undertaken at the main site in Stanmore. Some teams may utilise the outpatient facilities in Bolsover Street which have a radiology and physiotherapy department on site. The clinics here are often quieter than at the main hospital with good opportunities for teaching in the clinic. 

The Consultants

Paediatric and Young Adults (The Catterall Unit)

Mr Peter Calder

Prof Deborah Eastwood

Mr David Goodier

Mr Tahir Khan

Mr Aresh Hashemi-Nejad

Miss Sally Tennant

Mr Jonathan Wright

Foot and Ankle

Mr Nicholas Cullen

Mr Matthew Welck

Mr Dishan Singh

Mr Karan Malhotra

Mr Shelain Patel

Joint Reconstruction Unit

Mr Richard Carrington

Mr James Donaldson

Prof Alister Hart

Mr Chethan Jayadev

Mr Jonathan Miles

Prof John Skinner


Mr Will Aston

Mr Lee Bayliss

Mr Craig Gerrand

Ms Hel Harvard 

Mr Rob Pollock

Peripheral Nerve Injuries

Mr Michael Fox

Mr Marco Sinisi

Mr Tom Quick


Mr Hanny Anwar

Mr David Baxter

Mr Manish Desai

Mr Alexander Gibson

Mr Jan Herzog

Mr Jan Lehovsky

Mr Julian Leong

Mr Michael Mokawem

Mr Sean Molloy

Prof Hilali Noordeen


Mr Mark Falworth

Miss Deborah Higgs

Mr Addie Majed

Mr Will Rudge

Mr David Butt

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