Hillingdon Hospital

The trust consists of two sites, of which Hillingdon hospital is the ‘hot’ site where all acute admissions take place and Mount Vernon is the ‘cold’ site and is where the Orthopaedic treatment centre is located and houses the elective operating theatres and outpatient clinics.

Hillingdon Hospitals NHS trust is a friendly district general hospital located West of London in the town of Uxbridge. It serves a relatively large population including Heathrow airport. Hillingdon hospital has an Accident and Emergency department that has recently been refurbished, while both sites have Urgent Care Centres which refer to the on-call teams.

The department has 12 consultants, all of whom are on the trauma rota. There are also 2 Associate specialists who mainly are involved with clinic work and are occasionally in theatres. The on-calls are covered by the specialist registrars all of whom are from the NW Thames rotation (There were 6 of us ) as well as a few staff grade registrars. The SHO tier is manned by 2 – 3 core trainees and a few staff grades. 

The majority of elective work is undertaken at Mount Vernon Hospital. The treatment centre is a modern and efficient unit that is located about 8 miles away (20 minute drive by car) away from Hillingdon Hospital.

The Consultants

Mr D Ahearne – Upper limb surgery

Mr N Al-Hadithy – Upper limb surgery

Mr B Al-Obaidi – Lower limb arthroplasty/trauma

Mr H Bhatt – Lower limb arthroplasty/Paediatric orthopaedics

Mr J Platt – Lower limb arthroplasty

Mr N Shaikh – Foot and ankle surgery

Mr K Singh – Upper limb surgery

Mr J Smith – Lower limb primary/revision hip surgery

Mr N Somashekar – Lower limb arthroplasty/Soft tissue knee

Mr V Eswaramoorthy – Lower limb arthroplasty

Ms J Waterman – Hand and wrist surgery

Mr H Zaw – Foot and ankle surgery

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